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I Love My Neighborhood
I Love My Neighborhood is a simple challenge for us to choose the way of Jesus. We know that God is love and He has directed us to love others. The best place for us to begin to intentionally love others is right where we live. By loving our neighbors in our neighborhood, we are reflecting the heart of God. Sometimes it is helpful to be reminded to be intentional in loving others. The strategy of the I Love My Neighborhood campaign is simple. We start with an intentional commitment to finding ways to love our neighbors. As a result of this commitment, we are forming a community of people with whom we will share ideas and who will keep us reminded to pursue love in our neighborhoods. This blog site is a means of sharing ideas as well as reminding each other to intentionally love our neighborhoods. As you make a gesture of love toward your neighbors we would love to know what you have done. Post a simple picture/video and/or a paragraph or two explaining what intentional step you took to love your neighbors. Each entry will be reviewed and posted upon approval within 72 hours of submission. Follow this blog to see how a movement of love is spreading across our community.
How to Reach Out to Your Neighbors
Check out the ways in which Christian Fellowship Church is reaching out into their neighborhoods.