The Road Less Travelled


Africa New Life

Nyagatare and Karangazi, Rwanda

Supported since 2022

Since 2001, Africa New Life has shared the gospel using ‘two hands’: the hand of compassion and the hand of evangelism. Their goal is to see lives transformed through meeting basic needs, to give hope for the future for those living in poverty in Rwanda, and to share the freedom and hope found in Christ. At the heart of our model for breaking cycles of poverty is educational sponsorship.

Please pray for:

  • Sponsorship for students attending the ACT (Africa College of Technology); and overall funding for pastors in training
  • Salvation, discipleship, and spiritual, emotional, and mental healing for the women in our program
  • Additional church partners

Johnson Asare

Markaz Al Bishara, Tamale, Ghana

Supported since 2005

Markaz Al Bishara is a Ghana based registered local Christian Association. It was founded in 1983 by Rev. Johnson Asare. Bishara is committed to working with the poor and marginalized to promote human transformation by meeting their basic needs and thereby paving the way towards bringing them into a mutual relationship with God.  The ministry organization is involved in quality education, health & nutrition, water & sanitation, micro-enterprise development, and Gospel advancement.

Please pray for:

  • Pray for the full establishment and expansion of the Tamale International Church (non-denominational)
  • To complete the Radach Centre construction project (5-story structure)
  • Funding for land in Sang region and for support and expansion of the Shea butter production plant in Tamale

Naporo Jacob

Bishara Radio Ministries – Tamale, Ghana

Supported since 2016

Bishara Radio ministry broadcasts in order to share the Word of God to the rural communities through partnership with The Bible Society of Ghana. Through Bishara radio, many people have come to know Christ.  We also use the provision of freshwater wells to open doors to share the Gospel to communities in the Northern region.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for the Fulani communities to come to know Jesus Christ through Bishara Radio ministry.
  • Pray for unity in families as there are many divided families and people groups.
  • Pray for the 2024 Kids Camp – early August – so many children from regions all over Northern Ghana will come to Christ.
  • Pray for the leaders in Ghana to make right decisions for change in the many hardships in Ghana
  • Pray for the staff, volunteers, and speakers on Bishara Radio ministry – reaching almost 1,000,000 in the Tamale region.


Saroj Hial

Christian Fellowship Center

Naya Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India

Supported since 2022

The Christian Fellowship Center had a humble beginning in the year October 10th 2001.  We, with some like-minded committed servants of God, collectively work for the upliftment of society. We would like to see that our initiatives cherish every individual with a problem. We have 137 full-time workers who work day and night for the cause of Christ.  Our vision is to reach the un-reached people groups to see them come to Christ, experience quality education, women empowerment, healthcare, and Heavenly values.

Prayer Requests:

  • The building of our home for orphans.
  • The construction project of the hospital building – which is necessary in such a low-health care region.
  • A van in order to establish a mobile clinic in remote villages.
  • Monthly support for church planters who are planting among un-reached people groups who, many of which, don’t have a Bible in their native language.
  • Open air crusades.

Christopher Srikanth

River of Destiny Ministries

Chennai, India

Supported since 2022

Every person counts.  We are an “out of the box” charismatic, evangelistic, missional church: more of a “go and be” rather than a “come and see” sort of church. You’d find us just an ordinary bunch of people, raring to go places for God; broken vessels whom God uses.  Like our homes, our lives are also open and transparent.  We consider every individual who walks into our church or home as God-sent. This gives us an opportunity to instil intrinsic value in them which could have been stolen during childhood, stormy circumstances or broken relationships.

Prayer Requests:

  • Growth ,maturity in leaders.
  • Physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of leaders.
  • Strengthening, equipping of leaders and their wives.
  • Finances to enable an increase in the ministry impact.
  • To always seek to be effective in reaching non-Christians through missional and Gospel presentations.

All Nations Family

Tainan, Taiwan

Supported since 2022

All Nations is a global family on mission to see Jesus worshiped by all the peoples of the earth.  We make disciples and train leaders to ignite church planting movements among the neglected people of the earth. Every believer plays a part in seeing Kingdom reality touch earth. You have a part to play. We help people find their part.

Prayer Requests:

  • Mandaran language studies.
  • Health of both parents – as both have been recently diagnosed with cancer and have or will begin treatments – therefore, traveling home for several weeks to be with them.
  • For the many people coming to the ‘English Corner’ that they would be open to exploring who Jesus is and His life-changing word.
  • For those who are preparing to be sent out as missionaries to the Nations!

Christian Mission Services

The Nilgiris, Tamilnadu, India

Supported since 2022

 Christian Mission Service was established in 1957, since when the organization focused on educating and empowering children in need., in its pursuit of academic advancement, offers various facilities and programs. Since its establishment, CMS has welcomed approximately 55,000 children, ensuring that excellence and quality are never compromised. The organization is dedicated to nurturing the full potential of each child through a holistic education approach.


Alberto Dib

Santiago, Chile

Supported since 1981

The radio ministry provides new opportunity every day to thank and know the One who gives us the breath of life.  The broadcasts include Bible-based, practical devotionals along with the news of the day in a Biblical worldview context.    This ministry also engages in street evangelism, youth camps with Word of Life – Chile, church networking & planting, and open air crusades.

Prayer Requests:

  • The finances to print the 100,000 tracts for street evangelism.
  • For the expansion of the radio programs and for continue spiritual impact.
  • For my health – especially my right knee.
  • For my daughter, due to a recent heart-wrenching loss.

Jaime Cahuide Gonzales Delgado

Casa De Aguila Orphanage, Rio Blanco Christian School, Limatambo

Casa Proa University Ministries, Cusco


Our steps are strengthened with the help of God to be an organization strong in values, principles and to be the most reliable team in Latin America regarding work with orphaned boys, girls, adolescents, young people, and marginalized adults.

Prayer Requests:

  • For our pastoral family as well as the family of Casa Del Aguila – employees, workers, and volunteers.
  • School programs; orphanage; missions; productive projects, and overall health.
  • PROA – the university transition home for those orphans who are transitioning to university courses.
  • Spiritual growth of those who reside at the orphanage and the local church body.

Kids Around The World

Generation Hope

Supported since 2016

At Kids Around the World, we are all about empowering the next generation to live a hope-filled, Christ-centered life.  We live out our mission by sharing God’s transforming hope with kids and their communities through food, play & story.  Week after week, they build relationships with Jesus, their teachers and the local church. The impact spreads like a wave of hope across the community as kids grow stronger physically and spiritually, and share the Good News with their friends and family.

Marco and Ingrid Bascur Isla

Work of Life, Chile

Supported since 2022

 From the beginning, Word of Life has been committed to engaging culture with the Gospel. Today, Word of Life remains committed to the purpose of reaching our generation by creating opportunities for youth and families in over 80 countries around the world to experience their faith and share the message of salvation with those who have never heard. God continues to use this ministry to have a global impact and bring people to Himself.

Prayer Requests:

  • For provision regarding our monthly support and those needs of our many missionaries on our team and expansion of additional missionaries for the harvest work.
  • For a new/slightly used vehicle for ministry use (as the current one is aging).
  • For wisdom and vision for the direction of the ministry here in Chile.

Orphan Network


Supported since 2007

The vision of ORPHANetwork is that each child would be raised to their God-given potential.   The mission, in partnership with the local church, ONet exists to break cycles of poverty amongst highly vulnerable children. Together, we join with Jesus Christ in His transformative work to:  Build up healthy minds, bodies and self-worth; create thriving Christ followers; and equip for self-sufficiency and sound judgment.

Prayer Request:

  • Prayer for the children’s needs to be cared for daily through our local church partners.
  • Prayer for the continued resiliency of our pastors and staff, so that they would feel the strength of the Holy Spirit, keeping them motivated and committed to their ministry calling.
  • Prayer for the health of the children we serve, our partners and our staff to fight infections and illnesses they are more susceptable to.
  • Prayers for the health, safety, and experiences of the vision and serving trip groups that visit Nicaragua with ORPHANetwork
  • Prayers for God’s continued favor on our ministry by way of financial resources and gift-in-kind donations needed to serve 30,000 vulnerable children.



Jean-Claude Blaise

Haitian Baptist Mission, Grand-Pré, North of Haïti

Supported since 2002

Baptist Haiti Mission works to advance the Gospel in Haiti through the church, education, medical care, and socio-economic development.

Prayer Requests:

  • For good health for my family.
  • For the Spiritual health for our network churches and their leaders.
  • Victory in all things over the Devil.
  • For the 38 Pastors of Haitian Baptist Mission who are working hard daily in this difficult county context.
  • School of Grand- Pré which is near of failure due to a lack of finances.
  • For Harvest Baptist mission as it is celebration its’ 200th year in the country of Haiti.

Wiljean Compere

Open Door Haiti, Bois De Lance, Northern Haiti

Supported since 1998

With your help, we’re changing Haiti, one life at a time. Open Door exists to transform communities in Haiti spiritually, educationally, economically, physically, and socially to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Open Door’s ministry efforts began in Haiti under the leadership and vision of Pastor Wiljean Compere in 1993.  The ministries in Haiti include churches, schools, feeding programs, agriculture programs, leadership development, medical care and an orphanage.  Our Orphanage is currently caring for 50 children.   Our medical complex in Bois De Lance provides the only health care for a village of over 20,000 people.

Prayer Requests:

  • For ‘Open Door Ministries’, the network church, our schools, our hospital & clinic, the Seminary; and orphanage with over 45 children.
  • To continue to plant churches all over Northern Haiti.
  • For additional financial support of good, faithful leaders.
  • For my family.

Isaias and Lenae Gabriel

GO Ministries, Dominican Republic

Supported since 2022

 GO Ministries empowers local leaders to make disciples as God redeems people, renews communities and restores creation through mutual transformation.

Prayer Requests:

  • Healthy pregnancy and the baby due soon.
  • Safe travel during all ‘out of country’ trainings.
  • Our boys will demonstrate the love of Jesus to their classmates at school.
  • Patience and wisdom in parenting our children.
  • To be enabled to lead and disciple well and make the most of every opportunity.

Fred Dorcin

Milot, Northern Haiti

Supported since 2002

I am a pastor/teacher, working in a difficult context in the mountains in the North of Haiti. I enjoy working in challenging areas as per God’s calling. My ministry involves preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ as well as leading the youth choir at church. I have been part of the management staff of the Haiti Summer Bible Camp for Children supported by CFC since 2000 with typically over 600 children!  I am also involved in an organization which is interested in helping secondary school students to teach elderly women in rural areas to read and write.

Prayer requests:

  •  Pray for the spiritual maintenance of my family.
  • To defeat the devils’ schemes whenever he attacks me, my family or my ministry.
  • For God’s wisdom to work with the underprivileged people in Haiti.
  • To be enabled to disciple and lead better every day and make a difference through my ministry.


      Alice Moore


      Supported since 1994

      Prayer Requests:

      • Acts 20:24 – That I may finish my course and the ministry I rec’d from the Lord Jesus, to testify of the gospel of the grace of God.
      • For the individuals I am discipling currently that I will experience God’s empowerment to speak the Word of God freely and courageously and they would become disciples of the Lord our God.
      • That I will not falter and for my legs to be stronger as I exercise…for God’s healing of my health issues.
      • That God will bring the war to an end in Ukraine and revival to break out in Ukraine and Russia. Reports are coming in that the body of Christ in Russia is meeting and praying.

      Melissa Wells

      ABWE, Czech-Republic, Prague

      Supported since 2022

      ABWE (Association of Baptists for World Evangelism) is a global family of ministries that exists to fulfill the Great Commission by multiplying leaders, churches, and missions movements among every people.

      Prayer Requests:

      • That the hearts and minds of Czechs would be open to and receive the Gospel.
      • That Czech believers will grow in their faith; become burdened for the lost around them; and be emboldened to share the Gospel.
      • That Czechs will become passionate about combatting human trafficking in their country and the government/ police will take steps to address it rather than continue to either profit from it or turn a blind eye to it.
      • For more Christian missionaries to come serve in the Czech Republic and for more partners to serve with me in my ministries (especially in the Alpha discipleship work).

      Mark and Ellen Cannon, AGWM

      Oasis Center, Madrid Spain

      Supported since 2016

      Oasis Center is located in the heart of Lavapiés, Madrid, one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Europe, where over 90 nationalities are represented. The center’s primary mission is to bridge the growing gap between the marginalized immigrant population in Madrid and the larger Spanish society through non-formal and holistic education. Throughout the year, Oasis Center offers various educational programs such as Spanish literacy, English, after-school help for children, as well as fine arts courses.  At the heart of each class, our priority is to develop meaningful relationships inside and outside the classroom that will lead our students toward a healthy and successful future.  Oasis Center is a safe space for people of diverse backgrounds to find community and inclusion despite their social isolation and economic challenges.

      Barnabas Aid


      Middle East

      Frontiers USA

      Saudi Arabia

      Supported since 2022

      To inspire transformational movements to Christ within least-reached Muslim people groups by sending teams to catalyze change, because even the most uncharted frontiers need Jesus.

      Prayer Requests:

      • To raise the necessary support in order to go fully into the mission field.
      • To gain full/fluent language acquisition.
      • To balance my full-time employment with my support raising.
      • For more workers to answer the call to go to difficult un-reached places.
      • For more supporters to answer the call to help send more Kingdom workers.

      Ayman Lolas

      Hope Community Center, Jerusalem

      Supported since 2022

      To share life with, equip and develop Arabic and Refugee individuals into faithful disciples and to reach their family and friends with the Gospel.

      Prayer Requests:

      • Pray for our protection for my family and myself here in the Middle East.
      • For God to open the doors for sharing the Gospel with the refugees and Muslim communities.
      • That God will provide more people to partner with us on the ground.
      • Pray that we get all the financial support to reach the Middle East with the Gospel.

      United States

      Randolph Mercelita

      Caring For the Latino Heart Ministries

      Supported since 2005

      Randolph Mercelita is originally from Curacao, a Dutch island in the Caribbean near Venezuela. Randolph is a speaker and marriage counselor. He worked as a counseling professor at a Bible Seminary for 8 years. He has a Bachelor’s degree from Rio Grande Bible Institute, a Master’s degree from Liberty University in counseling and is currently pursuing his Doctorate at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.  Randolph is committed to supporting Hispanic pastors in the area of counseling. His ministry includes:   training conferences, in-person counseling, remote counseling, marriage conferences, and overall pastoral help and encouragement.

      Prayer Requests:

      • For leadership at the new church we are currently planting.
      • For God’s wisdom for my wife (Master’s Degree Marriage counseling LPC) and me (Doctorate in Counseling).
      • God’s protection for our children & grandsons.
      • God’s wisdom to work with pastors in counseling.
      • God’s guidance for the next step after Seminary.

      Mary Knisley

      Outreach To Asia Nationals

      Supported since 1988

       At OTAN, we believe that training nationals to reach nationals is the most effective method of bringing the Gospel to the “uttermost” parts of Asia. It is also the method modeled by the apostle Paul in the Book of Acts as he traveled from city to city and country to country training the nationals to do God’s work.

      Prayer Requests:

      • Assistance in getting my new home in order; as I have downsized quite a bit.
      • To find a quality, new doctor in my new region.
      • To obtain the internet coverage for my new role at OTAN.
      • Total recovery from COVID-19, as I’m still experiencing residual effects.
      • For some eye care needs.

      Dan and Nancy Thomas

      ETHNOS 360 – formerly New Tribes Mission

      Supported since 1994

      More than 6,000 of the world’s people groups are still unreached. Are we okay with that? What if we partnered together?  We could make a difference.   ETNOS360 engages in extensive training, church planting, and Bible translation.

      Prayer Requests:

      • Wisdom as we continue serving at the ETHNOS Homes as retired volunteers. We desire to see 2 Peter 1:2 NLT be true in our lives, “May God give you more and more grace and peace as you grow in your knowledge of God and Jesus our Lord.”
      • Health and strength as we continue to serve at the Homes.
      • Our current staff for fruitful times in the Word, health & strength.
      • Career missionary needs here at the Homes and throughout Ethnos360.
      • Wisdom to encourage each other in the Lord, to encourage our kids and grandkids to look the Lord for direction in their lives.

      International Justice Mission

      Various Global regions

      Supported since 2016

       Slavery is illegal almost everywhere. But millions of men, women and children are trapped in modern-day slavery around the world. In India, entire families are enslaved in labor trafficking in brick kilns, rice mills, and garment factories working up to 20 hours a day. In the Dominican Republic, women and children are lured into sex trafficking with promises of school or a good-paying job. In the Philippines, children as young as two are sexually abused live for anyone in the world to watch through online sexual exploitation of children.  We work tireless to end trafficking and slavery.