Loving your Neighbor…

Some people seem to be a “natural” when it comes to being a “people person”. Well, I spoke with one the other day. It started when I learned that she had neighbors who moved into her neighborhood because of the I love My Neighborhood sign in her yard (these are available every Sunday at the ILMN Table).

Sonia Ballinger said that when her neighbors of 30 years moved, there was much interest in the house. But it was the first couple who had looked at the house that decided that they needed to live there. If someone loved their neighborhood so much as to put a sign in their yard, they wanted to be a part of that. They said it made them feel safe and it was very welcoming. Another new neighbor, Tom said that he wanted to be in a neighborhood that his children and grandchildren would feel safe and welcomed in, and seeing that sign was an indication to him that this was the place.

While Sonia is one of those people who is a “natural” people person and works tirelessly in the community. All she did was put a sign in her yard. That’s it… That’s all it took.

She said “this little yard sign speaks volumes”!

While her neighborhood is very active and social, as they have a Wine Club, Walking Group, Karaoke, and Crab Feasts, most of the time, we really don’t know our neighbors.

Sonia is part of the CFC school outreach program for 3 local schools and provides for needs as requested. She is a volunteer for Lasagna Love, where people can request a meal for themselves or a friend, she coordinates with 85 chefs in the local area that will cook and deliver the meal. And she has been delivering home meals for over 3 years. On top of that, she works with local women’s clubs and Manna from Heaven Food Outreach…the list goes on, but when I asked Sonia what it means to “love your neighbor”, she said “It means showing love and compassion for those in your community and finding a need and filling it.”

So, our I Love My Neighborhood 2.0 has kicked off and we want you to join the team. Come and see our table on Sunday and get your yard sign!