Once you have a relationship with your neighbors:
Once a week or once a month, bring out the grill and offer to cook the meat, provide paper products, water, and music. Everyone else bring their meat of choice, a side to share, drink of choice, chairs to sit and conversation.
Invite a couple of neighbors over for dinner. Not only do you get to know your neighbors better, but they get to know each other better. You are creating a cultural norm – loving your neighbor.
When someone is ill, make a batch of chicken noodle soup and deliver it with a disposable dish.
Offer to water the yard or house plants when your neighbor goes on vacation.
What’s your passion or talent that can connect with your neighbors?
Sports – offer to coach a team
Food – invite your neighbors to a chili cookoff with judges and prizes.
Walking – invite a neighbor to walk with you; take some doggie treats and offer them to someone walking their dog – it creates an opportunity for conversation.
Music – create a once a month concert in your back yard and invite your neighbors.
Reading – create a neighborhood book club.
Games – create a weekly or monthly game night.
Christmas time, buy a Santa suit and have Santa and cookies for the neighborhood. Take pictures with their phone.