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Meet the Team

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good

Executive Leadership

Brian Bales

Lead Pastor

Rob Duckworth

Administrative Director

Richele Walker

Family Ministries Director

Shane Rootes

Worship Arts/Missions Communications & Marketing Director

Ministry Directors & Support Staff

Brooke Ackerman

Student Ministries Director

Jon Ackerman

Spirtual Development & Men’s Ministry Director

Judy Allison


Eddie Batten

Welcome Team Director

Gail Bryant

Finance & HR Director

Fred Clark

Care Ministry Director

Beth Davidson

Community Life & Women’s Ministry Director

Amy Farley

Welcome Team & Care Ministry Administrative Assistant

Cyndi Frame

Associate Worship Leader

Nancy Graham

IT Director

Sarah Hansma

Accounting Specialist

Mike Haynes

Student Ministries Director

Josh Hill

Multi-Media Manager

Cheryl Howard

Family Ministry Administrative Assistant

Crystal Knight

Graphics & Marketing Manager

Michele Miller

KidsZone & Route 54 Director

Linda Mizell


Louise Rootes

Nursery/Kindergarten Administrator

Mike Trivett

Local Outreach Director

Kathy Tubach

Administrative Liaison

Carly Walker

Finance Administrative Assistant

Mike Walker

Facilities Director

Jeff Webber

Network Administator

Wendy Zwart

Database Project Manager

Board Members

Anthony Adeuya
Toni Badinger
Barry Bonso-Bruce
Zac Detweiler
Alison Maher
Billy Merritt
Toni Schwarting
Stacey Sircar
John Tomick
Lena Terry
Jason Wall